Exquisite Embroidery Sculpture. Limited Edition 01009745

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The petals of porcelain flowers, handmade one by one, are used to compose the delicate embroidery of the dress worn in this creation. This piece joins Haute Allure, a collection dedicated to the world of women’s fashion consisting of limited-edition pieces that exemplify the meticulousness and delicateness that can be achieved with handcrafted porcelain. The ornamentation work is exquisite and, in this case, it is combined with the degraded color of the skirt, applied in mother-of-pearl tones. The outfit is given a finishing touch with two red flowers whose pistils are decorated with golden luster.
This piece has insurance included
Limited Series of 300 units
1.3 kg
Height (cm): 38
Width (cm): 14
Length (cm): 14
José Santaeulalia