Persian Cat Sculpture 01009688

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With its long, silky hair and big expressive eyes, the Persian cat is the aristocracy of domesticated felines. Thanks to the sculptural work and etching, faithfully recreating the cat’s coat, this creation conveys the elegance of these cats to perfection. The piece is made in glazed white porcelain decorated with soft tones of dissolved color. This decorative technique, when applied on surfaces with so much relief, enhances the play of light and shadow and increases the sense of volume, in this case of the cat’s hair. The touch of color in this composition, besides the blue of the cat’s eyes, is in the toy it is playing with, a cute little bird in matte porcelain with touches of golden luster. Although they are purchased as a unit, as they are not joined together, the cat and the bird can be arranged as desired.


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Gloss and gold luster
Raul Rubio