Porcelain sculpture of Spartan, the famous warriors of ancient Greece. 01009695

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When King Leonidas and the three hundred Spartan Hoplites under his command held off the Persian army at the Thermopylae pass, the courage and sacrifice of these Greek warriors entered into the realm of legend for evermore. This black porcelain sculpture depicts one of those brave soldiers equipped with his spectacular helmet with plumes, a mask—which can be placed or removed to reveal the warrior’s face thanks to a magnet system—shield, lance and armor. The wealth of detail, added to the decoration, the precisely modelled anatomy and the meticulous ornamentation demonstrate an extraordinary degree of virtuosity. Made in black porcelain and decorated with metallic copper, blue and black enamels. The shield is painted with black luster with a marble effect while the helmet is decorated with aged silver luster. The result is a striking and powerful figure that is at once noble and elegant.


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Matte and metallic luster
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Matte and metallic luster
Ernest Massuet